Nokia E6 Review – The Touch-and-Type Leader

8. August 2011 at 14:42

The line of the Eseries devices of Nokia is proven to be top-notch in design and features. These smartphones are well-known to be leaders built on powerful and solid typing, connectivity, and messaging tool. So let’s see if Nokia E6 will be worthy to be one.

Nokia E6 Specs.
Nokia E6 preview and unboxing.

Nokia N8 Gorilla Glass, Camera Lens and Aluminum Casing Review After 8 Months

27. June 2011 at 16:28

There are no other mobile manufacturers in the planet, aside from Nokia, that is well-known to produce the toughest mobile devices. And there is no exception even on the smartphone range devices of Nokia. They always expected to work for years and sometime a decade.

So today, we will have the Nokia N8 on the spot to have our follow up check-up on its external hardware elements. First is your 3.5″ AMOLED screen dubbed to be scratch proof due to the Gorilla Glass layout. Second is the new entry of the anodized aluminum casing on Nokia devices. We would also check its Carl Zeiss lens.

Battle of the Sexiest: Nokia E7 vs N97 vs N8

13. March 2011 at 07:12

The Nokia E7 galore doesn’t just end with the unboxing that we’ve shared last time, so today is another E7 treat for you guys. With the Nokia E7 and N8 in my hands, I borrowed the N97 classic from my friend to compare it with the latter. This comparison focuses on design review for E7 and N97 due to N8 and E7 are latest devices with the same form factor and some designs.

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It’s a Silver, It’s a White, It’s a Silver White Nokia N8! – Design Comparison Against E52 & N97 mini

14. November 2010 at 14:11

SAM_0618And finally we got a Silver White Nokia N8, to be exact, for a comparison against it’s Dark Grey Nate or ‘N8’. What’s more is we included the Nokia E52 which is in grey and the N97 mini which was once the sexiest Nokia until Nate was launched. Sounds so biased but take a look on the sexiest phone that was announced on WOMWorld.

Nokia N8 First Impressions: Things I like most

6. November 2010 at 13:40

SAM_0394I’ve been using the Nokia N8 for two weeks now and within this span it’s mostly a positive view for the phone. But before posting my very own review soon, I have here some few points of Nokia N8 where I like most. You can check the lists below.