Video: Hands on P1i

1. June 2007 at 13:35

Rafe Blandford over Allaboutsymbian has put his hands on the new P1i . He has put together a short hands on which you can see here. Jump over to say him what you think.


P1i:Review by Michal Jerz

30. May 2007 at 13:17

Michal Jerz over has put together a great review of the proto P1i. You will miss no aspect in this review. Livepictures, screenshots and photosamples are include.


P1i:Hands on

18. May 2007 at 18:27

Rafe’s been getting down to business with Sony Ericsson’s latest UIQ 3 smartphone, the P1i. Combining all the best bits of the M600 and P990, along with four times the RAM and a few welcome extras, the P1i looks extremely promising. Here’s Rafe’s illustrated hands-on preview.


Smartphones Show 32

16. May 2007 at 20:48

Steve Litchfield has put together a new Smartphones Show. In the 32 Show you can see on You Tube or on the Smartphones Show Site.

Topic of the show:

  • News of the new Sony Ericsson P1i, HTC’s buyout of dopod, an update to Google Maps for Mobile, new data tariffs in the UK and a pointer to a more detailed E90 review
  • Hands on review of the budget Nokia 6290 smartphone
  • A rant on buying unlocked (versus locked) smartphones, plus advice on perhaps buying second hand

New: Sony Ericsson P1i

9. May 2007 at 19:22

SE released his new Multimedi-phone.The P1i.  It runs on Symbian 9.1 and have a 3.2 megapixel camera.Also have it W-lan,HSDPA,160 Mb internal memory and a QWERTY keypad.Like the N95 got it a QVGA screen and will cost about 600€.