S60 5th Edition Games: Raging Thunder, Wave Blaze & Armageddon Squadron in 3D and for free

10. February 2010 at 19:12

DSCF3574Good 3D games for the S60 5th Edition platform are rather rare. However, Polarbits is offering three high quality 3D games: Raging Thunder (car racing game), Wave Blazer (power boat racing) and Armageddon Squadron (arcade flight simulator / shooter). Despite the good quality those games are free of charge. There are several gaming modes supported. A multiplayer-mode is also included. What we really like is the game-control. Using the accelerometer API you can control your boat, aircraft or car easly. Take a look at our video to see how the games work. These games work on all S60 5th Edition devices such as the X6, N97 or the Satio.





Armageddon Squadron

Armageddon Squadron

Let’s Golf by Gameloft – Gameplay Video on the Sony Ericsson Satio

26. January 2010 at 02:04

Lets Golf on the Sony Ericsson Satio

Check out this cool video demo of Let’s Golf by Gameloft on the Sony Ericsson Satio. So grab a club, take a swing, and pray for a birdie. Discover a fun-filled experience accessible to anyone. Choose from among the 4 customizable characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Then challenge 63 holes in 4 beautiful locations created in full 3D including Fiji Beach, the American Mountains, the English Countryside, and the Scottish Lochs.

XpressCut: Cut songs on your S60 5th Edition device

6. January 2010 at 20:15

XpressCut Symbian

XpressCut is a simple but powerful application to cut and save songs directly on  your S60 5th Edition phone. Open XpressCut, select a song, set the start tag and the end. Once you pressed the save button it will create a new file and save the song. The quality of the new created file is good and can be send to your friends or can be used as a ringtone. Apparently, XpressCut is based on Phython and requires at least Python version 1.9.7. Install Python first and then XpressCut.

XpressCut v0.15

5800 SmartTouch

Python 1.9.7

5800 SmartTouch v.0.4

Spotify Launch Symbian Application

24. November 2009 at 02:50

Spotify Mobile is now available on all Symbian devices, such as the Nokia 6220 Classic, E71 and 5800 XpressMusic models. Spotify Mobile can stream over WiFi or 2.5G/3G to play music through your mobile phone, but make sure you have a fixed price plan for accessing the internet from your phone, otherwise you may be charged extra. The application will also run on some of the more popular Sony Ericsson and Samsung smartphones, such as the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD and Sony Ericsson Satio.

S60 5th Edition: Windows Live Messenger for Nokia N97, 5800XM, I8910…

8. November 2009 at 21:09

microsoft-windows-live-logo-001Finally the folks of Microsoft have released an official Windows Live Messenger (MSN) application for all S60 5th Edition devices. Compared to applications like Fring or Nimbuzz it comes with a better interface and more Windows Live functions. Thus you can see all you contacts details including the status message and image.  So, if you own a Sony Ericsson Satio, Samsung Omnia HD, Nokia N97, 5800 XpressMusic or any other S60 5th Edition device you can download it for free.

5800 SmartTouch