Nokia E7 Unboxing – The Special Search for 7 Edition

7. March 2011 at 16:54

So after one of week of sleepless night thinking of the Nokia E7, it finally arrives in our doorstep today, except that I picked it up from DHL post ‘coz of too much excitement and not waiting for the DHL :)

Nokia E7 Unboxing (Retail Package)

23. January 2011 at 02:50

nokia e7 frontBefore the phone officially hits the store worldwide, the mighty guy named Fraksyed from youtube got his Nokia E7. It’s the retail package one and he unboxed it making the first person to do it. You can also find a Nokia E90 communicator in the video.

Nokia C7 Unboxing with Short Comparison To Nokia N8, N97 mini, E52 [Video]

12. December 2010 at 12:31

Nokia C7 (2)First of all, I wanna thanks WOMWorld for giving me chance to test the Nokia C7.

I finally got a hands on the “social-centered” smartphone of Nokia which runs on Symbian^3. And first thing that I’ve done was to unboxed the beaut. Unluckily, I got a black C7 which not bad at all compare to Ice or white C7 I saw online. Plus what I did was a little comparison to Nokia N8, E52 and N97 mini.

Pictures and Video: Nokia N8 Unboxing

24. October 2010 at 03:57

SAM_0231Finally, we got our hands on the latest Nokia N8. First task is of course to unbox the beast from its cage. And what I did is compared the boxes to the the Nokia N97 mini and N97 classic. The new packaging approach on Nokia N8 and other devices is another artisan’s perfect design. Now we got a little shiny-bling-bling on the box. Cool, eh? Thanks to WOMWorldNokia! :)

Video: Nokia 5250 Unboxing and Preview, pretty snappy all the way

6. October 2010 at 04:33

Nokia 5250 is an affordable full touch smartphone that Nokia announced last month. Running on the Symbian^1 OS and featuring a 2.8″ resistive touch screen and 2 MP camera. It also offers GSM/GPRS/EDGE as well as Bluetooth connectivity, but it doesn’t have support for 3G and WLAN. Sad but it’s a sacrfice for its price point.