N96 & N78: Brief hands on

11. February 2008 at 22:54

Today at the Nokia booth I had the opportunity to play with an N96 and N78. Moreover a really kind guy told me the keyfeatures of both phones. So, enjoy the videos and tell me your initial thoughts.



S60 at Mobile Word Congress

21. January 2008 at 17:22


Saara from Blogs.S60.com has just confirmed that S60 is going to attend the Mobile Word Congress also known as 3GSM in Barcelona.Visitors of the event and of S60’s stand will see the latest S60 platform features, applications, technologies and devices. This year’s demos include:

– S60 touch UI
– S60 sensor technologies
– S60 Internet browsing
– S60 Internet innovation enablers (Web runtime and Flash Lite runtime evolution with Service APIs)
– S60 native development platform (Open C evolution, C++, Python)
– S60 and Internet community services
– S60 device showcase
– The infamous Tune my S60 kiosk

For more information jump over to the blogs.

I’ve been tagged: 5 blogs I read

22. August 2007 at 16:56

Michell Bak and Tarek , two really cool guys, tagged me. Meme aka. 5 blogs I read is kind of a blog game. This one is about naming 5 blogs one reads – each from a different country. However, the hard thing about it is that you haven`t to tag people who have aleady tagged you.

 Here the rules:

– name 5 blogs in different countries that you read
– tag 5 blogger

I tag:

Michael Hell at The Nokian Blog (Austria)

Richard G at WOM World (UK)

Ricky Cadden at Symbian-Guru (USA)

Gregory Taieb at Symbianfrance (France)

Apoc at Symbian-freak (Croatia)