Nokia E7 Camera Video Recording Sample in HD (720p)

25. October 2010 at 10:26

SAM_0058Last time I went to Nokia PH’s launch event held in Makati and during the event I had the chance to test the Nokia E7. The device was a prototype yet the performance is on par with the final products we saw recently from Nokia World. It’s also one of the latest Symbian^3 devices from Nokia that will be available soon after the launch of the Nokia N8 and C7. Read more to uncover more of the E7’s video recording capability.

Dance Dance Revolution HD Shot and Edited on Nokia N8, showcasing camera capabilities and Video Editing features

3. October 2010 at 13:50

Nokia N8 video editor Symbian^3Aside from capturing HD (720p) videos, the Nokia N8 has also the free on-board video editing application. So whenever and wherever you took a video you can easily edit it within the phone itself and directly upload it to YouTube, TwitVid or other site. Or you can also play it on HD TV in your home and it also supports Dolby Surround Plus for perfect sound and music output. So no worries if you took an HD video, though. Read more on.

Nokia N8 HD video sample [720p]

8. September 2010 at 17:39

nokia n8 video sample in high definitionAccompanied with new Nokia N8 unboxings in different styles is the new video sample in high definition taken with Nokia N8. The video is the official 720p or HD sample that Nokia uploaded on the web after the first sample taken last month. Shot on a skateboard event where actions were all over the scenes. The video quality is not changed here, but it’s only the video transitions. So what you’ll see is a crisp and clear shot from N8.