Top 10 Awesome Symbian^3 Features

29. December 2010 at 05:03

nokia n8 nokia c7 nokia c6 nokia e7There are lot of things to love and hate from Symbian’s latest operating system. From software to both hardware and software combination, all in order to produce innovative features that some you won’t see in your Android and iOS etc. And we admit it that there are also things that missing on Symbian’s part. However, let’s face the fact that these ‘exclusive’ features of Symbian doesn’t exists on your unripe operating system, which is fact.

How to Improve Speed of your Smartphone Through Defragmenting

1. October 2010 at 18:04

images (1)Defragmenting your computer’s hard disks or other file system type such mass storage is one of the most essential task and helpful way to improve its performance. By defragmentation, it will result to the rearrangement of fragmented data (seperated files), making your disks and drives works more efficiently.

Symbian is still ahead in Europe

13. September 2010 at 16:31

symbian_logo_duck-250x300The latest comScore breakdowns of smartphones this July 2010 stats in EU5 was released. Mainly EU5 is composed of UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain countries where most percentage of smartphone users resides here. With each country, they gathered the results of smartphone OS usage from their respondents and compared it with the US stats. And basing on the results we’ve seen

Why is Samsung leaving Symbian at the moment?

3. September 2010 at 18:21

symbian logoWe were not shocked when we heard the news about Samsung pointing out that they are not currently interested in getting Symbian platform in their mobile devices. As the company also noted that Bada and Android OS are their preferred platform as they see great potentials and benefits from these. The proof is that they already didn’t made another Symbian phone after the Samsung Omnia HD i8910.

[Poll] Is everybody getting the Nokia N8?

30. August 2010 at 15:01

Nokia N8

After months of waiting patiently for the arrival of Nokia N8—but there were people who can’t wait, of course—we are finally down into days in getting the next Symbian^3-Nokia-multimedia-ultimate-affordable-smartphone. phew! Almost all fans can now pre-order their Nokia N8 that comes with variations of accessories in the sales package. We are not really sure about the marketing moves, but Europe might get a N8 that comes with silicone case, while Asia might have a free SU-36 Stylus. So awesome!