Reasons Why Nokia C3 Should Run on Symbian S60

7. January 2011 at 14:31

Nokia C3 (3)First thing first, Nokia C3-00 is currently running on the Series 40 or S40 for Symbian platform, and in 6th edition, to be exact. The S40 is the simpler type of operating system under Symbian and mostly the apps it supports are Java. The higher variant is of course the S60, S^1 and so on. With this OS, it requires a not so fast and expensive hardwares like CPU and graphics support, and of course, the domino effect is affordable phone for the mass. In that way, Nokia C3 enters on the most targeted devices by social who are looking for sexiness and qwert-iness without spending much.

Nokia C6 on sale made people lined up in the Philippines

13. November 2010 at 12:51

Nokia C6 BlackThe famous Nokia C3 launched on Vietnam and Indonesia once again relived on this scene where Filipinos lined up to buy a Nokia C6 that’s on sale. The price was almost cut to 60% off but giving only a limited time offer which resulted to a large crowd at lined in SM Megamall. See the image below.

Wrap up of Nokia World 2010 plus Highlights

16. September 2010 at 04:05

nokia world 2010The Nokia World 2010 in London was been a successful event this year for Nokia. Not just only because of the 3000 sold-out seats, but of course they still proved that there is still enthusiasm and high spirit on what we call “to fight back” moments. They nailed and they proved it! And with two days of full actions and excitement, we will finally summarize the event.

Nokia N8 Comes With Pamela Anderson

6. September 2010 at 17:55

pamela with nokia n8If Larisa Riquelme’s ‘Comes with Breasts’ promotion is not enough to make you buy a Nokia C3 then you should think twice about the Nokia’s new campaign to promote the Nokia N8.

Video: Nokia E5 and C3 – Every message brings us closer

25. July 2010 at 16:43

Ever wondered on how Nokia connects people? It’s because of innovations they deliver to people. Like on their new services the Nokia Messaging and Ovi Maps which brings us connected. But it’s still incomplete if there are no devices that will aid these services. And that’s why they bring up the Nokia C3 and E5.