Nokia C7 Q and A highlights with Tim Allen – Nokia Product Manager

17. September 2010 at 08:00

Nokia C7 front and backYesterday morning WOMWorld Nokia hosted an interesting Q and A on line with Tim Allen, Nokia Product manager for the new C7 Symbian^3 device announced at the Nokia World 2010 event in London this week. A number of Nokia bloggers, including myself attended this event, here are some of the highlights of the session which lasted approximately 60 minutes.

(Q) Nuno Pereira: Hi Tim, (first of all, thank you for your presence in here), my first question would be about the design of the C7: Honestly, it looks a bit “Samsung-ish”. Was it a natural decision, or the decision was made after the success alike models from Samsung?

(A) Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager: @Nuno The design of Nokia C7 was based on huge amount of consumer research which we undertake constantly. Design languages emerge over time, and are not “reactive”. The same effect can be seen in the way in which car designs evolve. Consumers drive the design of our products.

Nokia N8 HD video sample [720p]

8. September 2010 at 17:39

nokia n8 video sample in high definitionAccompanied with new Nokia N8 unboxings in different styles is the new video sample in high definition taken with Nokia N8. The video is the official 720p or HD sample that Nokia uploaded on the web after the first sample taken last month. Shot on a skateboard event where actions were all over the scenes. The video quality is not changed here, but it’s only the video transitions. So what you’ll see is a crisp and clear shot from N8.

Nokia Photography Tips plus N97 mini Gallery

28. August 2010 at 16:43

22052010383 One feature that we love most on our phones is its camera. Having enough mega pixels, good flash light support, innovative optics and sensors, are just few to consider for a good camera specs. But I tell you that photography isn’t about having good camera specs, but it’s both having skills and good camera tools at the same time.

Nokia N8 Camera Xenon Flash Samples & More 12MP Galleries

6. August 2010 at 19:34


The Nokia N8 had already appeared in the wild for sometime now. But yet there are still few samples of Nokia N8’s Xenon flash shots were seen. And not anymore today, as we’ve got some few sample shots of Xenon flash capabilities of Nokia N8.

Camera Comparison – Nokia N97 Mini vs iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S

29. July 2010 at 14:56

n97 mini 1Our French friends were lucky enough to caught the three 5MP monsters mainly the N97 mini, Apple iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy Scamera comparison