Testing Nokia N9 Camera – 8 MP Images and HD Video with AutoFocus and Macro

2. August 2011 at 15:26

Not only Nokia N8 features unique and top-notch camera features but also the upcoming Nokia N9 which boosts with 8.7 Mega Pixel sensor, Carl Zeiss optics which gives 28mm wide-angle, big aperture of f2.2 best for low light shooting, HD video recording with continuous AF and more!

Nokia N8 Camera Test in Real Life [Gallery]

5. April 2011 at 12:34

I’ve been busy with my educational trip last whole week and I was away from my pc and so from my blogging. But what I have closest to mine during this whole trip in Manila was my buddy Nokia N8 and

Awesome HD Video Captured on Nokia N8 [Video]

17. January 2011 at 15:51

I think I don’t want to describe more on what can Nokia N8 do. But of course you should be noted that it has Carl Zeiss, big big 12 MP sensor, Xenon flash and a lot of horse power for camera. That’s only reason why the video below is AWESOME!  Shot entirely on Nokia N8 with a little experiment for lenses.

Macro Comparison on Nokia N8 and Nokia N97 mini

8. December 2010 at 14:11

It’s time to put the Nokia N97 mini and Nokia N8 on their head-to-head macro shootout. To in light you first with the basic camera specs of these devices, both do have Carl Zeiss optics but they do differ in sensor, as N8 has 12MP and Nokia N97 mini has 5MP respectively. Nonetheless, these two beasts are qualify for shooting in close-up modes and we have that to cover, and to let the world knows that Nokia is still the best camera phone maker.

Paul Potts rehearsing caught by Nokia N8, From Hollywood star to Paparazzi

29. November 2010 at 13:36

train mounted nokia n8We have now a clue that Nokia N8 plays an important role in the life of Sam Flynn, who is one of the main character in the upcoming movie Tron: Legacy. But now here’s another story from the other part of the world. It’s Nokia N8 paparazzing the famous Britain’s Got Talent winner, Paul Potts.