Nokia E52 Software Upgrade to Firmware v53.001 and v52.003

20. December 2010 at 10:44

Nokia E52 Software UpdateNokia have just released the software update for Nokia E52 and highlighting the software’s benefits and changes to be the an overall phone performance and latest features. The latest version are 52 which they listed on the site and version 53 that I’ve seen on my phone, it depends on your region. For now that is the only main recipe of that update and there are no any changelog that I caught. But definitely it’s an upgrade for what it is.

Battle of the Sexiest: Nokia C7 vs Nokia N8, Nokia N97 mini and Nokia E52 [Gallery]

14. December 2010 at 15:21

Nokia C7 vs N97 mini vs N8 vs E52 (3)As a promise, here is the design and construction comparison on the latest Nokia C7 against on the Nokia N8, N97 mini and E52. Giving you a 3rd end scope, what I did was a simple product placing for design and construction basis. Yet it will surely satisfy your thirst for sexy devices.

You can also peek on Nokia C7 Unboxing before proceeding below. :)

Nokia C7 Unboxing with Short Comparison To Nokia N8, N97 mini, E52 [Video]

12. December 2010 at 12:31

Nokia C7 (2)First of all, I wanna thanks WOMWorld for giving me chance to test the Nokia C7.

I finally got a hands on the “social-centered” smartphone of Nokia which runs on Symbian^3. And first thing that I’ve done was to unboxed the beaut. Unluckily, I got a black C7 which not bad at all compare to Ice or white C7 I saw online. Plus what I did was a little comparison to Nokia N8, E52 and N97 mini.

It’s a Silver, It’s a White, It’s a Silver White Nokia N8! – Design Comparison Against E52 & N97 mini

14. November 2010 at 14:11

SAM_0618And finally we got a Silver White Nokia N8, to be exact, for a comparison against it’s Dark Grey Nate or ‘N8’. What’s more is we included the Nokia E52 which is in grey and the N97 mini which was once the sexiest Nokia until Nate was launched. Sounds so biased but take a look on the sexiest phone that was announced on WOMWorld.

Nokia N8 vs N97 mini vs E52 vs C6 Speaker Test

1. November 2010 at 08:09

Nokia n8 vs n97 mini vs e52 vs c6 speaker tesstThe speaker quality is not just dependent on its loudness but of course it also depends on many factors like sound handling in different environment, the bass and treble, etc. In the video below which is not a scientific approach kind of a comparison, I tested four devices of Nokia just to emphasize which I prefer between these phones we we talk of audio quality on the speaker output.