Nokia N9 MeeGo Non-Destructive Photo Editor – Edit Like In Photoshop

19. July 2011 at 11:51

Nokia N9 features one of the advance and fastest camera in mobile phones. The 8MP with Carl Zeiss optics giving wide angle and bigger aperture will definitely create some stunning shots. That’s why Nokia is accompanying this with a cool photo editor dubbed as Non-Destructive Photo Editing.

Fiddling on new Symbian’s Awesome Photo Editor – Nokia C7 and Nokia N8 samples

30. December 2010 at 14:36

Nokia C7 CameraThis holiday I’ve been busy fiddling on the new photo editor of my Nokia N8. This editor is the default one for all Symbian^3 devices. The app is also free and you don’t need to find it and pay some quid or bucks. Unlike other apps that you still need to hunt for. Checkout the sample photos after the break.

Dance Dance Revolution HD Shot and Edited on Nokia N8, showcasing camera capabilities and Video Editing features

3. October 2010 at 13:50

Nokia N8 video editor Symbian^3Aside from capturing HD (720p) videos, the Nokia N8 has also the free on-board video editing application. So whenever and wherever you took a video you can easily edit it within the phone itself and directly upload it to YouTube, TwitVid or other site. Or you can also play it on HD TV in your home and it also supports Dolby Surround Plus for perfect sound and music output. So no worries if you took an HD video, though. Read more on.

FX Studio Special Effects in Nokia N8

29. August 2010 at 12:19

FX Studio Nokia N8

The upcoming Nokia N8 will get another special treatment, specifically it would be on the video editing features. The new FX Studio, a powerful tool to create and edit 3D effects putting into the real video that you’ve taken from your device. This will be achieved through the new augmented reality technology that will be offered to all N8 and upcoming Symbian^3 devices. Nokia will finally raise the standard for their smartphone video editor competition packing FXStudio software support plus default Symbian^3 video editor, all-in-one in your device. The application will be available soon to download from Ovi Store. See the video after the break.