Download: PhoneTorch App Demo on Nokia N9 – Use dual LED as Flashlight

2. November 2011 at 09:50

Nokia N9’s camera is equipped with dual LED flash that is use on still image and video taking. Aside from the support for camera lighting, the dLED is also a useful tool. With Phone Torch app you can completely turn your Nokia N9 to a torch/flashlight tool. Perfect for emergency events.

Nokia E6 – Exploring USB On-The-Go, Videos support, Flashlight

11. July 2011 at 16:18

The E6 is almost one week in my possession and I already posted some stuff of it like the unboxing and preview.

How to use Flashlight or Torch in your Nokia E7

10. March 2011 at 13:58

Last time I shared a short and easy guide on how to use the flashlight or torch in your Nokia C7 so this time it’s Nokia E7’s turn. Both of these devices, together with Nokia C6-01, have the same Dual-LED lights and runs on Symbian^3 platform so this will probably work for all between these phones.

Flashlight/Torch for Nokia C7 (Nokia E7, Nokia C6)

13. December 2010 at 14:06

Nokia C7 (12)The latest smartphones of Nokia are equipped with 8 MP and a dual LED flash and video light purposes, and also the LEDs are very useful during night or in absence of light. On these devices, Nokia C7, E7 and C6-01, they don’t need any flashlight or torch app in order to enable the use of LED. Find out after the break.

Qtorch and Flashlight touch – Flashlight remedy for your Nokia N8

16. November 2010 at 05:19

qtorchThe Nate or the N8 doesn’t have the LED lights for still images and video support but it has the most advance flash for cameras, the Xenon. But when we are talking of what Xenon can’t do, the flashlight tools is missing. But don’t worry now ‘coz the AMOLED, Flashlight touch and Qtorch will solve it all.

There are two apps which I consider great in giving light during brownout or in the event of shorted of light. First is the Qtorch for N8 and lastly the Flashlight touch which already existed from many S60v5 devices.