Lists of Best Symbian Apps For Anna, Belle, S60 – Curated Nokia Store

25. September 2011 at 15:16

As Nokia Store gaining more downloads day by day, the rate of apps that entered and being published is also increasing. But on the other hand, facing more uninteresting/rubbish apps is also becoming a problem for users, more especially if your region is not supported by paid apps. 

10PM – Cute and Zombie Game

8. July 2010 at 16:17

icon_main_192If you remember playing hotel626 where you can only play the horror/suspense game between 6pm to 6am. On the new game of Breakdesign from Ovi Store, 10PM, it’s also almost the same to the said game. But this game is just not about horror or thriller, still it has a super no-so-secret feature! It is compose of two kinds of game. The one is ‘Where is the Love’, and of course the main recipe of the game the 10PM.

Top 10 N-Gage Games I Love

5. July 2010 at 18:35

n-gageIf I clearly remember, Snake was the first ever mobile game I fell in love with (3210). Easy to play and easy to hook up with. The game is not hard, with just four arrow keys then you are good with the controls. We did saw the same on how did Snake evolved and the same thing with other games and mobile platforms (like I had a Nokia N81 for almost 3 years) and so, the rest were history.

It seems that all things are evolving fast yet there are those who are fading. Like now I am occasionally playing games on my

Free Useful Apps to Enhance your N97 & N97 mini

15. June 2010 at 14:30

Aside from being the flagship of Nokia, there are still many ways to get the exclusivity of your N97 and Mini, as well as the Symbian^1. Like gearing up your device with these tweaks to home screen applications and here’s the lists of useful ones that could enhance your N97 experience. Some of these are from Betalabs of Nokia and others are from Ovi Store.

N97 vs N97 mini

Pictures of White Nokia N97 & N97 Mini