Five Reasons Why Nokia N9 Is Better Than Apple iPhone 4S

8. October 2011 at 17:01

It’s already more than a year when we compared the Nokia N8 and Apple iPhone 4. What we did was we highlighted the things that makes your Nokia N8 standout against the iPhone 4. Although it was not so geeky and numerical comparison, still, we did enlightened you on what are the sweet things you shouldn’t miss.

Nokia’s Symbian Still Beats Apple iOS in Smartphone Sales

12. August 2011 at 16:53

According to Gartner, Nokia still leads in smartphones wars against Apple.

Ovi Maps Is Getting Hotter, Web Support For Mobile iOS and Android launched (HTML5)

23. July 2011 at 16:03

Nokia announces the mobile web version of Ovi Maps based on html5. This brings the free Ovi Maps with lifetime support navigation and positioning system to your Android and Apple devices through your web browser. Features like searching the nearest routes for driving or walking destinations, points of interests, finding establishments and other basic features are available and fully optimized on web style. 

Top 10 Awesome Symbian^3 Features

29. December 2010 at 05:03

nokia n8 nokia c7 nokia c6 nokia e7There are lot of things to love and hate from Symbian’s latest operating system. From software to both hardware and software combination, all in order to produce innovative features that some you won’t see in your Android and iOS etc. And we admit it that there are also things that missing on Symbian’s part. However, let’s face the fact that these ‘exclusive’ features of Symbian doesn’t exists on your unripe operating system, which is fact.

Symbian is still ahead in Europe

13. September 2010 at 16:31

symbian_logo_duck-250x300The latest comScore breakdowns of smartphones this July 2010 stats in EU5 was released. Mainly EU5 is composed of UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain countries where most percentage of smartphone users resides here. With each country, they gathered the results of smartphone OS usage from their respondents and compared it with the US stats. And basing on the results we’ve seen