Macro Comparison on Nokia N8 and Nokia N97 mini

8. December 2010 at 14:11

It’s time to put the Nokia N97 mini and Nokia N8 on their head-to-head macro shootout. To in light you first with the basic camera specs of these devices, both do have Carl Zeiss optics but they do differ in sensor, as N8 has 12MP and Nokia N97 mini has 5MP respectively. Nonetheless, these two beasts are qualify for shooting in close-up modes and we have that to cover, and to let the world knows that Nokia is still the best camera phone maker.

Nokia N8 Shooting Macro Photography in HD

21. October 2010 at 02:59

nokia n8 macro photographyOne of the best feature of Nokia N8 camera is the capability to shoot HD video at 25fps. And that’s not all, with creativity you can actually do more than that regular video shooting. Just like this guy who used a macro lens and tweaked his N8 in order to get a mind blowing video of a walking stick insect.