Symbian Says Bye Bye To Nokia, Says Hello To Accenture

1. October 2011 at 01:34

The transitioning of Symbian from Nokia’s hand to Accenture is finally complete following the announcement of Nokia shifting its focus to WP back last February this year. The mark of the success deal of outsourcing made 2300 jobs transferred to Accenture as well as the development of Symbian until 2016.

Microsoft Apps Heading to Symbian Anna & Belle Devices – Can Be Download This Year

10. September 2011 at 13:09

Good news for everyone! As another great treat from MS and Nokia has arrived, by this year they will release numbers of Microsoft Apps to Symbian smartphones either running on Anna or Belle this year. 

The Impossible Game from Xbox is Now Available for Symbian – Demo on Nokia N8

11. May 2011 at 17:09

The Impossible game was created by Fluke Duke and was seen on Xbox Live for Windows Mobile. But now the game is also available for Symbian^3 devices. The game is now downloadable from Ovi Store for a price of €1.00. We don’t have a free trial here for that game so you gonna need to purchase it.

What would you say or suggest to Stephen Elop and Nokia in order to help them?

30. April 2011 at 16:18

If you are the type of guy that would help Nokia by suggesting or saying your thoughts directly to the CEO, Stephen Elop, and to Nokia, what would it be?

Dance Dance Revolution HD Shot and Edited on Nokia N8, showcasing camera capabilities and Video Editing features

3. October 2010 at 13:50

Nokia N8 video editor Symbian^3Aside from capturing HD (720p) videos, the Nokia N8 has also the free on-board video editing application. So whenever and wherever you took a video you can easily edit it within the phone itself and directly upload it to YouTube, TwitVid or other site. Or you can also play it on HD TV in your home and it also supports Dolby Surround Plus for perfect sound and music output. So no worries if you took an HD video, though. Read more on.