Nokia N8 in Chinese stores

7. June 2010 at 15:12

Nokia N8

We all know that Nokia N8 proto—and retail N8 too—is already spotted from many countries, but of course only in demo or preview for us. This is also the same story for the N8 in China where

Top 3 Nokia N900 Games that Symbian should have

5. June 2010 at 14:59

Angry Birds

Buenos dias mi amigos! Comparing the N900 to other Symbian devices, we would see that it is a lot better in terms of the OS and hardware specs. But on the other side of having the pleasure of powerful and fast device is the lack of great support from Ovi Store. Yet, there are still apps that would surely wet our gaming instinct. So, here’s is my top 3 N900 games that I’m wishing to have on my Symbian devices—and some of these are already coming to future Symbian devices like N8.

  • Angry Birds by Rovio – First of all, this is my favorite game and I’m considering of wasting my time just for this game. This is the most peaceful, chaotic, destructive, but still the most cutest and excitemet-packed game I’ve had ever played. Where you will be going to play as the five angry birds each with unique capabilities and your goal is to destroy and puff these little innocent martian-look-a-like pigs. There are 3 level packs and each pack contains 21 stages and I’m betting that first timer can’t finish the 3 level packs in one day (evil laugh). This is one of the most anticipated games for Symbian, so better watch out for it!
  • Bounce Revolution by Rovio – The success of bounce has written its name on the history and even on the Ngage 2.0, and now we have the latest of its kind. The game has one classic and one race level for demo, but the experience is really fantasitc because of the awesome graphics. The 3D capabilities is also present. I am wishing Rovio could expand their services for Symbian users.
  • Brain Party by Hudzilla – If your smart enough to guess the title then you are ready to play it. It involves brain-twisting menu. From puzzle to simple touch games that will boost your brain efficiency. I played many games like this but this is one has different flavours to enjoy.

So what games are you wishing to have in your Symbian device?

Video: Nokia N8 Foosball Fever in HD

31. May 2010 at 14:59

The 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa will start this summer and millions of fans are uber-excited and ready to gear-up. Luckily, Nokia already made an action filled videos of Foosball Fever. Raging from different techniques and styles on how and when to push, pull and turn your rods to control the ball aiming your opponents’ goal.

On the brighter side, Nokia N8 caught and shot the actions in HD. You will see on the video that the guy played the captured videos on the HD TV via HDMI cable. It just proves that the Nokia N8 is not just a breakthrough on the cameraphone but also with its astonishing features like the HDMI connection with DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS that will surely rock your home theatre experience!

Enhanced Gaming on Nokia N8: Need For Speed, Sims 3, Tetris, Monopoly

29. May 2010 at 10:47


During the openmobile summit that was held in London recently, our friend and mobile enthusiast, Jay Montano spotted some wild actions that will surely spices your gaming etiquette. To give you more details of our chilly-dipping gaming news, he shared a video trailer of these four games the Need for Speed: Shift, Sims 3, Monopoly, and Tetris and all from EA games. And to define more on what we mean by enhanced action gaming, these games uses accelerometer sensor, 3D gaming, and multitouch feature.

Nokmote: Video and Screenshots

25. December 2007 at 12:13

nokmot1.jpg nokmote2.jpg screenshot0031.jpg screenshot0034.jpg

I was really looking forward to install Nokmote on my N95 8GB finally. After weeks of waiting, Samir released Nokmote Beta 1 yesterday. Nokmote is an application using the built in accelerometer to control your mobile by moving the device. However, I’m not quite impressed of the beta version – it’s to sensitive and pretty hard to use. Nevertheless, Nokmote is a great application with which you can impress your friends. What do you think about it? Is that the right way the developers are on?

Here is a little video (recorded with the N82) showing Notmote running on the N95 8GB: