Nokmote: Video and Screenshots

25. December 2007 at 12:13

nokmot1.jpg nokmote2.jpg screenshot0031.jpg screenshot0034.jpg

I was really looking forward to install Nokmote on my N95 8GB finally. After weeks of waiting, Samir released Nokmote Beta 1 yesterday. Nokmote is an application using the built in accelerometer to control your mobile by moving the device. However, I’m not quite impressed of the beta version – it’s to sensitive and pretty hard to use. Nevertheless, Nokmote is a great application with which you can impress your friends. What do you think about it? Is that the right way the developers are on?

Here is a little video (recorded with the N82) showing Notmote running on the N95 8GB:

Nokmote Beta 1 available!

24. December 2007 at 12:00

It seems, that Samir want to make us a christmas present! For the donators there is the first beta of Nokmote available since today.

Some of us maybe found his e-mail already in their mailbox:


First, thank you all, and sorry for the delay.

I was very busy by rotateMe, my family and my job.

Beta 1 is scheduled for tonight (december, 24) and will be available for download on this forum.


If you have donated already, you can download it over at Samirs new forum, which is especially for beta testers. Note: IF YOU’RE A DONOR, you must register with your PayPal account to access his forum and download the first beta of Nokmote.

P@sco already downloaded the first beta of Nokmote and made a little video as you can see above.

So, enjoy your christmas present from Samir and enjoy the presents from your family, etc.! Merry Christmas to all of you folks!