Nokia N8 vs N82 vs N86 – Pixel to Pixel and Flash to Flash

8. July 2010 at 19:16

Nokia N8 OrangeAlmost 3 years when the Nokia N82 was announced and now this coming summer the new camera flagship successor, N8, will be available for everyone who is looking an option to forget their compact cameras. The question is the Nokia N8 willl be the next N82 alike and akin to its history? Let’s shovel on some of the few points and compare the both device in terms of their specifications and how’d Nokia N8 differs to N82?

Top 10 N-Gage Games I Love

5. July 2010 at 18:35

n-gageIf I clearly remember, Snake was the first ever mobile game I fell in love with (3210). Easy to play and easy to hook up with. The game is not hard, with just four arrow keys then you are good with the controls. We did saw the same on how did Snake evolved and the same thing with other games and mobile platforms (like I had a Nokia N81 for almost 3 years) and so, the rest were history.

It seems that all things are evolving fast yet there are those who are fading. Like now I am occasionally playing games on my