Download the new Nokia Ovi Suite version and Ovi-licious Blog app

11. September 2010 at 15:52

nokia ovi blog appThe new version of Ovi Suite was recently released to its version The updates would bring new improvements in the whole Ovi Suite performance as well as adding new feature. You can now download the updates through or manually update in your installed Ovi Suite by going to tools > check for software updates.

How to upload geotagged photos to Flickr, Google Maps, Twitter and Facebook using Pixelpipe & Furtiv

11. September 2010 at 09:47

n82_sToday, there are wide range of Nokia smartphones which have geotagging features. Almost from the S60v3  to S60v5 like Nokia N97, N82, E52 and other devices have GPS funtioncs, thus, geotagging is possible. By this feature it allows your captured photos to be tagged by the location coordinates where you shot from using the GPS of your phone. It works by adding the GPS

Download Bounce Boing Battle and Ovi Maps Challenge free at Ovi Store

10. September 2010 at 05:58

Nokia BBBThe Ovi blog have recently announced the two new games created by Nokia in association with Rovio, famous for Bounce and Angry Birds games they’ve made. These games that will be added in the Ovi Store are Bounce Boing Battle and the Ovi Maps Challenge.

Bye Bye Ovi Files

2. September 2010 at 12:59

ovi filesAs I was checking my emails today and I was little bit stupefied after checking out the Ovi notification service. All I can say was it’s real! Real that there will be no more Ovi Files starting October 1. Nokia will be discontinuing their wireless syncing and access service for your PC files. As they noted you can uninstall the application in your PC without losing any files.

Bookatable in Ovi Maps

21. August 2010 at 12:39


The Ovi Maps is one of the successful service that Nokia is offering. It’s free—forever. Plus integration with great services today.