Things I like to see on the upcoming Nokia N8 and C7 Firmware Update

2. November 2010 at 14:53

SAM_0211The Nokia N8 and Nokia C7 is running on the latest Symbian^3 software and Nokia, in fact, ironed well the software before it was finally boarded on these devices and launched on market. But it seems there are still likes and wishes for the next firmware such as application supports. Like some of my friends and fellows online experienced some small glitches on the current PR 1.0 of Nokia N8 and others, whose myself included, want to see these following changes and upgrades on the next PR 1.1 or something, hopefully.

Video: Understanding what is MeeGo and comparing it to Symbian

12. September 2010 at 15:46

During the last Intel Oscon in Orlando, the guys there have managed to put some wrap-up on how to understand the term what MeeGo is, technically. It’s also been months since the word MeeGo appeared in the net and as a tech term. It’s not that too tricky neither too hard to understand on what is the basic of MeeGo, though.

FX Studio Special Effects in Nokia N8

29. August 2010 at 12:19

FX Studio Nokia N8

The upcoming Nokia N8 will get another special treatment, specifically it would be on the video editing features. The new FX Studio, a powerful tool to create and edit 3D effects putting into the real video that you’ve taken from your device. This will be achieved through the new augmented reality technology that will be offered to all N8 and upcoming Symbian^3 devices. Nokia will finally raise the standard for their smartphone video editor competition packing FXStudio software support plus default Symbian^3 video editor, all-in-one in your device. The application will be available soon to download from Ovi Store. See the video after the break.