Symbian^4 UI screenshots – What do you think?

17. July 2010 at 17:41

Symbian^4 Home ScreenSymbian’s Wiki was seen with the latest Symbian^4 (S^4) UI screenshots (just a guess, but possibly they are) and these were the “pre-alpha” of the homescreens. “Pre-alpha”, because we are not sure whether these are the final of just the samples that’ve been made for the developers and running on the PC’s emulator (Orbit for UI platform development). Nevertheless, these new UI on S^4 have been improved from the first batch of Symbian^4 UI demo (imho). So here’s the pictures of

Possibilities to upgrade your Nokia N8 Symbian^3 to Symbian^4 (Updated)

10. July 2010 at 15:28

Symbian^4The most asked question lately was about the capability of the Nokia N8  to upgrade itself to future Symbian^4. Much likely from S^3, which is the current OS for the N8, to future Symbian platforms. But it is really a must to upgrade to S^4? Can the Nokia N8 update to Symbian^4? [UPDATED]

Nokia: “The fightback starts now”—do you believe?

3. July 2010 at 07:33


They say it, they mean it, but do you believe? Is David Pomeranz right that we should ‘Got to Believe in Magic’? Could this be the start of something new?

As Anssi Vanjoki starts to warm up the seat being the head of mobile solutions at Nokia, we couldn’t resist but to share our firm opinions on the words he shares. He left statements talking of great possibility of Symbian^4 being on