Download: Apple iPhone’s Gmail GP Interface on your Symbian Phone

18. November 2010 at 12:13

gmail gp iphone to symbian nokia n8Thanks to the effort of i-Symbian‘s Asri as you can now check Gmail on your Symbian phone with the blessing of iPhone’s Grand-prix UI bringing more iOS style in email in your experience. It’s a win for Symbian because it benefited on what iOS have.

Video: Nokia N8 UI demo from widgets to cover flow

10. October 2010 at 05:48

Nokia N8 Cover flowHere’s quick Nokia N8 UI demo from gsmarena showcasing the smooth navigation on the cover flow to organizing your home screen widgets. With the Symbian^3 os on the Nokia N8, you will get a 3 different customizable home screens with up to 6 widgets add-ons each. Plus the gallery and the music library have a new transitions like multitouch controls and cover flow.

Symbian^4 UI screenshots – What do you think?

17. July 2010 at 17:41

Symbian^4 Home ScreenSymbian’s Wiki was seen with the latest Symbian^4 (S^4) UI screenshots (just a guess, but possibly they are) and these were the “pre-alpha” of the homescreens. “Pre-alpha”, because we are not sure whether these are the final of just the samples that’ve been made for the developers and running on the PC’s emulator (Orbit for UI platform development). Nevertheless, these new UI on S^4 have been improved from the first batch of Symbian^4 UI demo (imho). So here’s the pictures of