No Apps On Your Nokia N9? Simple, Just Add Websites To Your Home Screen – IMDb & GetGlue

25. November 2011 at 14:54

If you’re still in short of apps for your MeeGo Nokia N9 then you should try visiting and bookmarking the official websites especially if these are social or media hubs you were hooked and tuned in. Like the IMDb and GetGlue where I always use.

How to Make Google or Bing as Web Search App and Homescreen Widget

22. December 2010 at 15:17

Nokia C7 on Google Web Search App Widget for web (1)The Android and other phones have the feature to make Google as default search engine app or window that is dedicated on their homescreen widget function for easy and fast web search access. I’m not sure if the feature that I’ve just found on the Nokia N8 and Nokia C7, and the rest of Symbian^3 devices is new, but I’m sure it’s kinda similar to what some people want. And at least I have the idea now on how to get a direct web search on my web and homescreen.