Symbian 101: You don’t need to convert videos or download VLC player for your Nokia

17. January 2011 at 15:18

nokia n8 player for movies divx xvid avi flashAnother prowess that these Symbian^3 devices possesses is the support for wide range of video codecs. The most common and widely used today are Sorenson Spark, and the Xvid and DivX codecs which are under on MPEG-4 video and audio compression method. We would see these type codecs mostly from our P2P files like movies and on social site like YouTube. Of course, the benefits of this feature are very essential to every user.

UPDATE inside!

Download: Updated Skype App and Youtube Player For Symbian^3 and more

11. December 2010 at 09:59

Skype for S60Skype gets updated to a new version and now supporting Symbian^3 devices and bringing new feature on audio quality. It’s absolutely free to call and IM with Skype to your device provided you just have to connect your phone to 3G or Wi-Fi. But international calls is different where you need to purchase credits which is cheaper compare to actual network data pricing.

Dance Dance Revolution HD Shot and Edited on Nokia N8, showcasing camera capabilities and Video Editing features

3. October 2010 at 13:50

Nokia N8 video editor Symbian^3Aside from capturing HD (720p) videos, the Nokia N8 has also the free on-board video editing application. So whenever and wherever you took a video you can easily edit it within the phone itself and directly upload it to YouTube, TwitVid or other site. Or you can also play it on HD TV in your home and it also supports Dolby Surround Plus for perfect sound and music output. So no worries if you took an HD video, though. Read more on.