Maxmoral 10PCS USB 2.0 Connector: Reliable DIY Connectors for Optimal Data Performance

Maxmoral 10PCS USB 2.0 Connector: Reliable DIY Connectors for Optimal Data Performance

Welcome to our review of the Maxmoral 10PCS⁣ USB 2.0 Connector A Type Male 4-Pin Plug with Black‍ Plastic ‌Cover⁤ DIY Connector.⁣ We’ve had the pleasure of using this product ourselves, and we’re excited to ‍share our experience with you.

These USB type A male connectors are designed with high-quality materials to ‍ensure optimal performance and reliable ⁤data⁣ transmission. The solder type feature further enhances their ⁢dependability.

If you enjoy DIY projects, these connectors ⁣are perfect for⁣ creating your own customized USB connections. ⁣With a ‌sleek black plastic shell, they are not only durable ‍but also visually appealing.

Measuring approximately 28 x 13 x 5mm (LxWxH), these ​connectors are compact and easy⁤ to work with. The package includes 10 of these USB Type A male connectors, so you’ll have plenty for all your DIY‍ endeavors.

Overall, we’ve been impressed with the quality and reliability of the Maxmoral 10PCS USB 2.0 Connector A Type Male 4-Pin Plug⁣ with Black Plastic Cover DIY Connector. It has been a valuable addition to our collection of connectors, and we highly recommend it‌ for ⁣any DIY enthusiasts or ⁢tech-savvy individuals. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the⁣ features and performance of this product!

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Highlighting the Key ⁢Features and Aspects of the Maxmoral ​10PCS ​USB 2.0 Connector‌ A Type Male 4-Pin Plug with Black Plastic Cover DIY Connector

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When it comes to USB ‌connectors, the Maxmoral 10PCS USB 2. stands out‌ for its outstanding features and exceptional performance. Let us⁣ explore ‍the ⁤key aspects that make this product a must-have for all⁢ computer enthusiasts‍ and DIY enthusiasts alike.

  1. High-Quality Construction: The USB Type A Male Connector⁣ from Maxmoral ‌is crafted using premium materials that⁤ guarantee exceptional durability and longevity. The black plastic shell adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring that the connector is resistant to wear and tear.

  2. Reliable Data Transmission: With its solder type feature, ⁣this connector ensures ⁢dependable data ‍transmission. You ⁢can trust ‌it‍ to deliver optimal ​performance, allowing for⁤ smooth ⁣and uninterrupted data transfer. Say ⁤goodbye to ⁣connectivity issues and erratic connections⁣ with this high-quality‍ connector.

  3. DIY‍ Friendly: This connector is perfect for ‌those who love ⁢to take matters into their ⁣own hands and create customized USB connections. Whether you need to repair​ an existing USB cable‌ or create your own USB cables from scratch, this connector⁤ offers you the flexibility and freedom to do so.

  4. Compact and Convenient: The USB Head Size (not including the plastic cover) is approximately 28 x 13 x 5mm (LxWxH). ‌This compact size makes it ⁢easy to handle and install, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  5. Value for Money: Each⁤ package ⁣includes 10 USB⁢ Type A Male Connectors, allowing you to⁢ stock up for multiple projects or have spare connectors on hand when needed.‌ With its competitive pricing and exceptional quality, this connector offers great value for your money.

Upgrade your USB connections with the Maxmoral 10PCS USB 2..​ Experience reliable data transmission, durable construction, and the freedom to customize your ​own USB connections. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your computer experience. Get yours now on Amazon!

In-depth⁣ Analysis and ⁤Detailed Insights on‌ the Maxmoral 10PCS⁤ USB 2.0 Connector A Type Male 4-Pin Plug with Black Plastic Cover DIY Connector

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In our in-depth analysis of the Maxmoral 10PCS USB 2., we found several key ⁣insights that make this product ‍worth‍ considering for your USB connection needs.

Firstly, the USB Type A Male⁣ Connector is⁣ crafted with high-quality materials to ensure optimal performance. The solder type feature of the connectors enhances⁢ data transmission​ reliability, making it a dependable choice. This USB connector is perfect for those who enjoy DIY projects, as it allows ⁤you ‌to customize your own USB connection.

The black plastic shell adds durability to the connector, making it​ suitable for ‍computer use. With a compact ⁢USB head size (28 x 13 x 5mm),⁢ it is both convenient‌ and⁣ efficient. The package includes 10 USB Type A Male Connectors, ensuring you have an ample supply for your various projects.

Overall, we highly recommend the Maxmoral 10PCS USB ​2. for its high⁣ quality, durability, and versatility. If‍ you’re looking to upgrade your USB connections, this product is definitely worth considering.

For more‌ information or to purchase the Maxmoral 10PCS USB 2., click here.

Specific Recommendations for the Maxmoral 10PCS ​USB 2.0 Connector A ‍Type Male⁤ 4-Pin Plug with Black‌ Plastic Cover DIY Connector

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  1. Reliable Performance: The Maxmoral USB Type A Male Connector is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring optimized performance and dependable data transmission. With its solder type feature, you can ⁤trust that your data will be transmitted securely and efficiently.

  2. DIY Friendly: This USB connector is perfect for those who enjoy DIY projects. Whether you need to replace a faulty connector or create your own‌ custom USB cables, the‌ Maxmoral Connector is the ideal choice. Simply solder the wires to the pins and secure the black plastic cover, and you’ll have a​ fully functional⁤ USB connector.

  3. Durable Build: Designed with durability in mind, this ⁣USB 2.0 male connector features a black‌ plastic shell that provides ‍added‍ protection and longevity. You can⁢ trust that‍ this⁤ connector will withstand ⁤frequent use and the rigors of​ everyday computer use.

  4. Package Quantity: ⁤With the purchase of the Maxmoral 10PCS ‍USB Type A Male Connector, you receive a pack of 10 connectors.⁤ This generous quantity allows for multiple DIY projects or spares for​ future use.

  5. Size and Compatibility: The USB Head Size of the connector, excluding the plastic cover, ⁣measures approximately ​28 x 13 x ‌5mm ‌(LxWxH). This size makes it compatible with⁢ most standard ⁢USB ports, ensuring a hassle-free and secure connection.

In conclusion, the Maxmoral 10PCS USB 2. is a reliable and durable option for those looking to create their own USB connections. Its high-quality construction, solder type feature, and easy DIY ⁣compatibility make it a top choice for tech enthusiasts. Upgrade your USB connections today by clicking here: [Call to Action Link]

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully analyzing the customer reviews for the Maxmoral 10PCS USB 2.0 Connector A Type Male 4-Pin Plug with Black Plastic Cover ‌DIY Connector, we have gathered valuable insights and feedback from users ⁣who ⁢have purchased⁣ and used⁢ these connectors. Here is a summary of what customers⁤ had to say:

Easy to‍ Solder with Heat-Shrink Tubing

Many customers⁣ found these connectors to be easy to ⁤solder. One reviewer suggested using heat-shrink tubing over the end for added protection.

Met Expectations, Would Buy Again

Customers expressed that the connectors met their expectations and stated ​that they would purchase them again.

Reliable Performance

One reviewer mentioned​ that they had only built one of the connectors so far, but had no problems with it. They also mentioned that they would update their review if any issues arise with the other connectors.

Connector Shell
Easy to solder and did not melt or deform, at ​least at 280 C. The ⁤shell is‌ hard plastic, not the softer sort you would ‍find on normal ‌USB connectors. The plastic ‌feels ​pretty cheap.
They seem like they​ should snap‌ together​ but it’s just a friction fit, so I used superglue. A strain relief is molded into the back of ⁣the housing, but it doesn’t do anything because the plastic is too hard.
The hole for the wire was too small‍ (2.6-3mm) for what I needed (4.5mm), but it was easy to drill out ​with a hand drill.

It is worth noting that⁣ the connectors are described as easy to use and repair various types​ of electronic equipment.

Quality Control Issues

Some customers reported issues with the quality ⁣control of the product. In some cases, the metal pieces did‌ not fit the plastic enclosure properly,​ causing difficulty in assembling the connectors.

Ensure Correct Parts

A couple of‌ customers shared that they received female USB connectors instead of ⁢the male ones. It is advisable to double-check and allow time for reordering in case incorrect parts are received.

Custom Strain Relief

Several customers expressed difficulty in finding a proper‌ strain relief for the wire. Some resorted to melting shrink tubing over the wire end, while others suggested tightening a small cable tie over the wire⁢ sheath.

Overall, the Maxmoral 10PCS USB 2.0 Connector A Type Male 4-Pin Plug with Black Plastic ⁣Cover DIY Connectors have received positive reviews for their⁣ ease of use, soldering, ​and overall performance. However, it is important to be aware of the potential quality control issues and ensure that the correct parts are received.

Pros⁢ & Cons

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  1. Easy to use: The Maxmoral 10PCS‌ USB 2.0 Connector A Type Male 4-Pin Plug with Black Plastic Cover is designed for DIY enthusiasts, making it easy for users to create their own USB connections.

  2. Reliable ‍data performance: With high-quality materials and a ⁢solder type feature, these connectors are optimized for dependable data transmission, ensuring uninterrupted and efficient transfer of data.

  3. Durable construction: Made with durable materials, these connectors are built to‍ last and withstand constant use, providing long-term reliability.

  4. Versatile:⁢ The⁣ USB 2.0 male connector with a black⁢ plastic ⁤shell is suitable for computer use, making it compatible with a wide range⁣ of ⁣devices.

  5. Value for‍ money: The package includes 10 USB Type A‍ male connectors, offering great value for the price.


  1. Lack of variety: While ⁤the Maxmoral⁢ 10PCS USB 2.0 Connector A Type Male 4-Pin Plug‌ with Black Plastic Cover is‌ a reliable product, it may⁢ not offer a wide range of options in terms of connector types or colors.

  2. Limited ⁣compatibility: While ‌these connectors are suitable for computer use, they may not be compatible with ⁤all devices or peripherals. Users should ensure compatibility before purchase.

  3. DIY expertise‌ required:‌ As these connectors are designed for DIY use, users should have some basic ​knowledge and skills in order to properly assemble ‍and utilize them.

  4. Plastic cover may be flimsy: The black plastic cover that comes with the connectors may not be as sturdy as ⁢some users might prefer. ⁢Extra care ⁢may be needed ⁣to ensure its durability.

Overall,‍ the Maxmoral 10PCS USB 2.0 Connector A Type Male 4-Pin Plug with Black Plastic Cover is a reliable DIY connector that offers easy use and reliable data ‌performance. While it may have some limitations ‍in⁤ terms‍ of⁣ variety and compatibility, it provides good value for money with its‌ durable ‍construction and versatility. ⁣


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Q: Can these connectors be used for‍ DIY projects?

A: ⁢Yes, ⁤these Maxmoral USB connectors are perfect for DIY projects. They are designed for ⁤soldering, allowing you to create custom USB connections for ‌your specific needs. Whether you are building your own cables, repairing⁤ existing ones, ‍or working on other ‍electronic projects, these connectors will come⁣ in ‌handy.

Q: Are these connectors of high quality?

A: Absolutely! Maxmoral takes pride⁤ in‍ manufacturing connectors that are made with​ top-notch materials to ensure excellent performance. These USB Type⁤ A male connectors are no‍ exception. You can ⁢trust that they are built ⁣to last and will provide reliable data transmission for your devices.

Q: How many connectors are included in the package?

A: The package includes‍ 10 USB Type A male connectors.‍ This provides you with multiple options to work with and ensures that you have enough connectors⁢ for various projects. Having extras is always ‍a good idea, especially when ‌tinkering with electronics.

Q: ​What is the size of the USB head?

A: The USB head size, excluding the plastic cover, measures approximately 28 x 13 x 5mm (LxWxH). This​ compact size allows for easy integration into your DIY projects ‌without taking up too much space.

Q: Can these connectors be used with USB 2.0 devices?

A: Yes, these ‍connectors are specifically designed ⁣for USB⁤ 2.0 devices. They have a black plastic shell and feature ‍4 ⁢pins, making them compatible with a wide range of computer devices. You can rely on these connectors to provide optimal data performance when connected to USB ​2.0 ports.

Q: Are ​these connectors easy to use?

A: Definitely! These connectors are user-friendly, making them suitable for DIY ⁢enthusiasts‍ of all skill levels. Simply solder the necessary wires to the⁢ pins, attach the plastic cover, and you’re good to go. The straightforward‌ design and high-quality construction ensure​ a hassle-free experience during your DIY projects.

Q: Can these connectors endure frequent usage?

A: Yes, ⁣these Maxmoral USB connectors are built to handle regular usage. They are made ⁣from durable materials​ that can withstand the ⁣demands of everyday use. So whether you plan to⁢ connect and disconnect them often or leave them⁤ in place for extended periods, they will hold up well and maintain optimal performance.

Q: Can these ‍connectors be used⁢ with other devices ‍besides computers?

A: While they are commonly used with computers, these connectors‍ can also be used with⁢ other USB-compatible devices. As long as your device has a USB Type A male port, these connectors can help you establish a reliable connection. Expand your DIY possibilities and get creative with these versatile connectors.

We hope​ these answers have provided you with useful information about the Maxmoral USB 2.0 connectors.⁤ Should you have any more questions, ⁣feel free to ask. Happy DIYing!

Experience the Difference

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In conclusion, ⁣the Maxmoral⁢ 10PCS⁤ USB 2.0 Connector proves to be a reliable and efficient choice for⁤ DIY enthusiasts and computer users alike. With its high-quality materials and solder-type feature, this connector ensures optimal data transmission and performance. Its compact size and black plastic ​cover add to its durability and functionality.

Whether ⁢you’re building your ⁢own USB connector or ‍need a replacement for⁤ your‌ computer, the Maxmoral 10PCS USB 2.0 Connector is a dependable option. Each package includes 10 USB Type A ⁤male connectors, providing you with an ample supply for your various projects.

We highly recommend this product for its quality, ⁢durability, and ease of use. If you’re ready to enhance your‍ data ⁤performance, click the link below to purchase the Maxmoral 10PCS USB 2.0 Connector now:

Purchase here

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When it comes to DIY electronic projects, having reliable connectors is absolutely crucial. That’s why we were thrilled to discover the Maxmoral 10PCS USB 2.0 Connector A Type Male 4-Pin Plug with Black Plastic Cover. These connectors are a game changer for anyone who wants optimal data performance without the hassle of faulty connections.

The black plastic cover not only adds a sleek and professional look to our DIY projects but also provides extra protection to the delicate pins inside. We were impressed with the sturdy construction of these connectors, ensuring that they can withstand frequent use and remain durable over time.

Installing these connectors was a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly design and clearly marked pins. We noticed a significant improvement in data transfer speeds and overall performance after using these USB connectors.

Overall, the Maxmoral 10PCS USB 2.0 Connectors exceeded our expectations and proved to be a reliable and efficient option for DIY enthusiasts. We highly recommend them for anyone looking to enhance their electronic projects and achieve optimal data performance.

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