N95:Navigation-really useful

16. April 2007 at 16:58

James Burland, of the creativelifeblog wrote a little report of his nav trip with his N95.He uses as usual the N95 navigation software.First he selected ‘Fastet’route which a mistake was.The next Routehe swtiched from ‘Fastest’ to ‘Shortest’ route.This ‘Shortest’ route is the best and the fastest.Steve said that he never lose the
satellite signal.A reason why it was so good was because he used a holder for his N95.

Despite this good experience I hope that Tom Tom or Route 66 will come out soon.


Source: creativelifeblog

From Pc ,to N95 , to Tv

16. April 2007 at 16:08

Mark Guim, of theNokiablog has made a realy good Video where he shows, how to use the N95 as an DVD player.

First he convert a video from his Pc to his N95.

Than he connect his N95 and his big Tv via the Tv-out cable.

What you see is amazing!
The N95 can be used as a DVD player you can take to your friend and watch there your favorit movie.

Source: theNokiablog

The 4 most important things

14. April 2007 at 12:00

Summer time is vacationtime .And also many people with their Smartphone drive this year into the vacation .Therefore I considered myself the 4 most important things for a successful vacation with the N95 .

The 4 most important things:


On the drive you want to play with the N95, hear music or navigate.All this empties the battery fast out. Therefore an autobattery charger is indispensable.

2.Large microSD memory card:

The 5 megapixels camera of the N95 make large photos, which bring the memory card fast to the limit.
addition you want to hear your favourite music at the beach. Therefore need you a large memory card.

3.SU-8W Bluetoothkeyboard

Mobilefreaks or blogger must write also in the vacation their reports and enamels. An article of the 4000 indications enclosure to write only with the keyboard of the N95 is very laborious. More simply and faster it goes with the SU-8W.


At the end of the day you want to show the pictures or videos you shot to your frieds or family.But the display of the N95 is too small for a slideshow.Fortunately there is the Tv-Out function,i allows you to show pictures and videos to a large public. Stupid if the television in the hotel has noTV-out connection.What to do?You need a skartadapter,because nearly each old television has a skartconnectio.

N95: Live at concert

13. April 2007 at 14:16

James Burland, of the creativelife blog, has uploaded a great video he shot at a live Razorlite concert. The sound and visual quality are both very good .Here you can see the video. Jump over to his blog to let him know what you think.

Source: the creativelife blog

How to: Encode videos in mp4

13. April 2007 at 13:18

You would like to look a film on your N95 or on a other 3rd Edition device, but do not know how?
No problem, I tell you,how to encode the video in mp4.

Step 1:

First of all, you need SUPER © Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer, which you can download here.

Step 2: Settings

  • 1. Select the output container
    select mp4
  • 2. Select the output video codec
    select H.264/AVC
  • 3. Select the output audio codec
    select AAC
  • 4. Set video parameters
    Video scale size: No change
    Frame/sec: 15 (or lower, exactly half of the original’s rate is best choice)
    Bitrate: 336 is safe, don’t go over 384
    Options: go to H.264 profile and choose Baseline & 1.2
  • 5. Set audio parameters
    The best option would be not to change anything, but SUPER doesn’t have the option to just pass through. Double-click on your original file, and check bit rate and sampling rate from ‘audio #0’ box. Or you can put my safe settings:
    Sampling freq: 44100
    Channels: 2
    Bitrate: 64

Then just drag-and-drop the original file to SUPER and click Encode now. If you are lucky it will process it for a while (actually a long while if it’s a movie etc.) and produce a new file for you to watch in your S60. If you got an ERROR, there was something in the original SUPER didn’t like. You might try again by changing Video scale size to 320×240, but then you might get a distorted result, if your file was in wide-screen format (height of picture is less than 240

Source: Symbian-freak